"Since the invention of the micro-processor, the cost of moving a byte of information around has fallen on the order of 10-million-fold.  Never before in human history has any product or service gotten 10 million times cheaper--much less in the course of a couple decades.  That's as if a 747 plane, once at $150 million, could now be bought for about the price of a large pizza."

         -- Michael 


Arcadia is a leading value-added reseller and managed supply chain solutions provider, specializing in IT/computer peripherals, aerospace/aircraft components and parts, electronic components, and wiring/cabling. Industries addressed include: medical, aerospace, aircraft, military, automotive, computers, semiconductors, consumer electronics, industrial, instrumentation, networking, storage, telecommunications, and transportation. The cornerstone of Arcadia's value proposition is superior 24x7worldwide sourcing services, focused on manufacturer-direct sourcing, authorized distribution, factory representative support, and fully-vetted and approved global suppliers. Arcadia was founded in 1994 and is a member of both ERAI and IDEA.  It has an extensive global sourcing footprint, and delivers outstanding execution relative to customer requirements based on a quality management system with full certification and registration to the following quality standards:  ISO 9001, SAE Aerospace AS9120, ANSI/ESD-20.20, IDEA-QMS-9090, IDEA-STD-1010 and IDEA-ICE-3000.


As a value-added reseller, Arcadia excels at sourcing back-ordered, allocated, and obsolete components and hardware that can hold up manufacturers' scheduled production runs (24/7 Shortage Buys). Arcadia also increasingly acts as a Kitting provider to its key accounts, whereby the customer seeks a portfolio of diverse products, from diverse global vendors or even channels of distribution, but needed ASAP via a single or scheduled kitted shipment, in support of a single bill of materials. Arcadia uniquely provides proactive management of EOL (end-of-life) and LTB (last-time-buy) issues, including forward purchases and exclusive stocking plans.  Arcadia specializes in providing OEMs and CMs a compelling alternative channel for sourcing MRP-based requirements for hardware, parts, and components in order to save money vs. traditional channels of supply (MRP Cost Savings Plans). Arcadia provides these solutions via its extensive network of component manufacturer relationships, authorized distributors, OEM, EMS, and other vetted and approved suppliers, the Arcadia Global Sourcing Network™, to avail more brands and more part numbers than virtually any distributor in the world.

Arcadia’s success in uniquely delivering value to its customers is based on the Arcadia Difference™, the key elements of which include:

  • Quality:                AS9120, ISO9001, ESD20.20, IDEA-1010
                                   IDEA-9090, IDEA-ICE-3000 certified.
                                    AS5553, AS6081 (testing), JEDEC compliant

  • Global Reach:        12,000+ suppliers, mostly component mfgrs,
                                    authorized, OEMs, and CMs

                                    45+ countries.  900+ Manufacturers.  

                                    100+ million line items.

  • Speed:                     24/7 sourcing via three global 
                                     sourcing centers.                  

  • Integrity:                   Honesty. Reliability. Professionalism. 

  • Value:                       Superior results.  Value pricing.  

  • Passion:                      For customers.  For winning.  

Certified and registered to AS9120, ISO9001 ESD20.20, IDEA-QMS-9090, IDEA1010, IDEA3000

For more information, see OEM Solutions and Distributor Solutions, call the Arcadia sales department at +1 801/261-5300, or send an email to the Sales Department.

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